Preparedness Saves Lives

Professionals who truly stand by their commitment to both their organization's people and their reputation, know that the key to success in crisis and emergency management communications is: preparedness and maintaining a standard of excellence. Find out how this program will support you in this commitment.


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Learn more about pricing and certification membership programs. Send us a request today, and one of our program administrators will be in touch with you shortly.

Unlimited Access to Content

Six base courses, including any future updates. As well as free access to any PREP™ base learning courses and content.

Opportunities for Live Training Exercises and Discounted Professional Development Events

We host live training exercises, conference, webinars, and other professional development opportunities that are available to EMC Certification™ alumni at a reduced price or completely Free.

1:1 Coaching and Support

Each participant receives 1:1 coaching and support throughout their learning journey from experts in the field.

Lifetime Access to EMC™ Certification Alumni Community

Learn from your peers, share case studies, collaborate, and more. We're developing a community that will help us all.

Setting a Standard in Crisis and Emergency Management Communications

We've taken our combined expertise, best practices in the field, and science around the world in crisis and emergency management communications and developed this easy-to-navigate, accessible way to ensure you're prepared for anything. We've done this because we know that preparedness not only saves time, money, and reputation, it also SAVES LIVES.

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