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EMC Certification™ Program

Become a leader in Crisis and Emergency Management Communications with the EMC™ Certification Program. Rooted in the foundation of preparedness, and defended by science.
Peer Reviewed, Tested, and Approved. This program was developed using proven science and research conducted by agencies including FEMA, CDC, and other crisis and emergency management research bodies.
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What is the EMC Certification™ Program?

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The EMC Certification™ program was developed for the crisis + emergency management communications professional who cares about a standard of excellence in the field, and continuously seeks to improve their skills and the profession overall. We do this because we know that preparedness saves time, money, property, and most importantly LIVES.

Trends & Research

Courses are made available and updated regularly with the latest research and trends to watch in crisis + emergency management communications.

Defended by Science

Course content is built from proven data and results of work conducted by emergency management and crisis communications scientists and experts.

Rooted in Preparedness

The foundation, and reason, for developing the EMC™ Certification and other crisis + emergency management communications products is to prepare people to be leaders in the industry.

Save Money By Increasing Readiness

Save Lives By 'Speaking the Same Language'

Ongoing Support

The EMC Certification™ program is available with ongoing support from our team.

There are also a number of organizational development programs, including the PREP Accreditation™ and Custom Functional Exercise Design and Training Facilitation. Learn More. 

Pricing Options

We offer single primer courses, and the EMC Certification™ program for individuals and enterprise level teams.

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The EMC Certification™ program is the world's first crisis + emergency management communications certification program. 

This program is specifically designed for emergency management and crisis communications professionals who are passionate about being prepared for any event. 

The certification program is designed to equip you with the tools you need to be an expert in emergency and crisis communications management, as well as to prepare you as a leader in the field.

We developed this program because we believe that Preparedness Saves Lives

All of our courses are based on the knowledge, research, and science developed and shared by world-renowned crisis response researchers including Dr Vincent Covello, Dr Timothy Coombs, the Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Agency of Canada, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) of the United States. We have also worked with an advisory board of professionals who consulted on the development of the program to ensure we were setting an industry standard that would stand up to any After Action Report (AAR). 

What the program consists of: 

Six online courses, available 24/7 to work through on your own time: 

1. Leadership in Emergency and Crisis Communications Management
2. Public Information Officer (PIO)
3. Joint Information System/Joint Information Center Planning for PIOs
4. Social Media in Emergency Management Communications
5. Media Relations in Emergency and Crisis Communications Management
6. Exercise Design for Emergency and Crisis Communications Management

In addition to the program, you'll also have free access to the following courses (a value of $2000):

1. Effective Communications for Emergency Management Professionals
2. Community Preparedness
3. Countering False Information on Social Media in An Emergency
4. Diversity in Crisis and Emergency Management Communications

Please note: In order to receive your certification, you must participate in ONE live training exercise. This can be achieved either through direct participation in the program facilitated exercises or by demonstrating that you have facilitated similar training opportunities for your organization. The live training exercises are held twice a year.

This program includes some of the latest research by these agencies

We are deeply grateful for the emergency management community and the work they have done in increasing readiness. We have adapted the research to fit within the principles of communication science.

Frequently Asked Questions

The EMC Certification™is an expert peer-reviewed program. We have developed the education tools using the latest science in crisis communications. The content is based off of science and research conducted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency of the United States (FEMA), Dr. Vincent Covello, Dr. Timothy Coombs, and more. 

We are the first institution to develop a communications specific program in crisis and emergency management. As the program evolves, there will be opportunities to collaborate with other educators as the standard evolves. 

We have developed a program that is flexible and can be completed on a self-paced basis. With unlimited lifetime access it can take as much or as little time as required to support your organization's preparedness level. We recommend completing the courses and required training exercise within one year in order to ensure your training stay relevant and that you continue to be at the highest level of readiness possible.

While the certification doesn't expire, it's highly recommended that alumni maintain their membership with the community and continue on a lifelong learning journey in the field. There are always new best practices, case studies, and techniques that can be applied, and the Crisis Communications Institute will facilitate this exchange of information as long as someone remains a member. 

We have a 90 day 100% money-back guarantee. If you're not satisfied with the program, we will either make it right or refund you your money back, no questions asked. 

As this is a new program, we encourage feedback and collaboration. If there is a way to improve on the course content/delivery, etc. We are delighted to work with you to make that happen. Get in touch!

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Limited Spots for the 2020 EMC Certification™ registration are available. Contact one of our program facilitators. We will be happy to assist you.


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